About us

Brand value

We at Orgisco regard employees as inseparable part of the Company. Our people is creating uncalculated values and building reputation for high standards of business conduct. We believe that each employee builds Orgisco to become a company of great and strong values.

The Company and the world in which we operate are changing with dynamic speed. The growth and progress of our organization depends on all Orgisco employees, people with initiative, creativity, and enthusiasm. Despite all change, all Orgisco employees do for one thing constant: integrity remains our core value. For Orgisco’s competitive excellence, all Orgisco employees begin not only with their commitment to lawful and ethical conduct but also end with it and all their spirit.

We are all privileged to build Orgisco to be one of the best companies in Vietnam. It is now the responsibility of all Orgisco employees to preserve and strengthen for each individual who will write bright future of Orgisco. — theOrgisco must look different…act different…be different…to excel in the years ahead.